Product control

On delivery, the goods must be checked by whoever receives the parcel to make sure that the articles received comply with the articles indicated on the e-mail which confirms receipt of order sent to the customer.


Reporting of  detected anomalies

Any anomalies noted on receipt of goods (for example tampering or damage to the packaging, damaged goods, missing items compared with the bill of lading, etc.) can be written directly on the bill of lading as handwritten comments and signed by the Customer or the addressee.


Customer satisfaction

If the Customer is not fully satisfied or if there is a discrepancy with the order placed, the customer must have all the documentation and the product in its original packaging and immediately contact NANDO MUZI company by e-mail to:


Right to require order compliance

If the products do not match with those ordered, the customer has the right to require compliance with the order, that is to say, in case of non-availability of the ordered products, to order different articles having the same characteristics or alternatively to cancel the order.
In case of order cancellation (executed before the customer receives order confirmation by e-mail), there will be no charges to the customer’s credit card.
If the amount has already been charged to the customer’s credit card, the customer will be refunded as soon as possible.
In case of replacement of products ordered, please see procedure described in art. "Replacement procedure" of these conditions.


Replacement procedure

The procedure for product replacement for incorrect shipment is activated when NANDO MUZI  mistakenly sends a product which differs from the one ordered by the customer and, therefore, it is not in the customer’s order.
The procedure shall be activated within 10 working days of the delivery date.
The service is activated by written permission  made by NANDO MUZI per e-mail to in response to Customer’s request for products substitution.
Before activating this service the item received should be compared with the description and/or detailed picture of the item indicated on the website, taking into account article "Inadequacy of graphical representations" section "Terms and conditions".
Shipping costs for sending the product to NANDO MUZI are charged to the latter and the customer must send  the  goods  DHL  courier  or  another  courier indicated  by  NANDO MUZI, using the  customer  code provided per e-mail by the company.
Using the customer code provided is a necessary condition for exempting the customer from the burden of shipping costs; if the code is not used, NANDO MUZI will not be held responsible and will not have to refund costs charged by the Courier to the Customer.
It is recommended that when the products to be replaced are sent the courier is requested to provide the tracking service , and the tracking number is then communicated by e-mail to NANDO MUZI once the parcel has been sent.
The product must be returned in the condition it was before being shipped, therefore with no signs written on it, of any kind, and ensuring that the product has not been altered or used in any manner.
NANDO MUZI recommends using rigid cardboard packaging and also a proper package envelope protecting the product from any damages during transport. The package can be opened, only if it is essential where the packaging does not allow verification by comparing the ordered product with the delivered product.
Should  the  goods  included  in  the  purchase  invoice  not  be  available  anymore,  the  Customer  will  be contacted by Customer Service, which will issue a Credit Note and will refund the amount paid. For determining the credit note amount, any discounts and promotions in the purchase invoice will be considered.


Holders of the right of withdrawal

The consumer (or individual who purchases goods for non-business purposes under all rights in art. 64 of the Code of consumption within the limits provided by this legislation) has the right to terminate the purchase contract for any reason, without explanation and without penalty, in the manner specified in art. “Exercise of right of withdrawal”.


Exercise of right of withdrawal

The withdrawal right is exercised by sending - within 10 (ten) working days of receipt of the goods - a notice by registered letter with a form of acknowledgement of receipt, addressed to:


Via Faleriense, 2103

63019 Sant’Elpidio a Mare (FM)

E-commerce Customer Service

Communication can be sent in advance – within the same time –  by e-mail to or fax (No. +39 0734/817268), provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with a form of acknowledgement of receipt, within 48 hours. Please note that the consumer may not exercise this right of withdrawal for tailor-made or clearly customized products , or which by their nature cannot be returned or risk deterioration or rapid change.

The notice of withdrawal must specify the intention to cancel the purchase and the product or products for which it is intended to exercise right of withdrawal, enclosing a copy of the invoice signed by the customer/ recipient.
Where withdrawal is exercised, products must be returned within 10 (ten) days of their receipt, at the customer’s expense, to:



Via Faleriense, 2103

63019 Sant’Elpidio a Mare (FM)


The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

-         The right applies to single products purchased in their entirety;

-         The purchased product must be complete and returned in the original packaging, complete in all parts (including packaging and additional documentation);

-         Delivery costs for the return of the product are charged to the customer and are not refundable

under any circumstances;

-         The shipment is completely under customer’s responsibility.

 If the withdrawal right is properly exercised, NANDO MUZI will refund the Customer the full amount paid, within 30 (thirty) days of receipt of the purchased goods.

Recommendations on returned shipment

It is recommended that, when the product is sent back, the courier is requested to provide the tracking service , and tracking code should be communicated via email to NANDO MUZI once the package is sent


NANDO MUZI shall verify that the products are  in their original condition, and retains the right to claim compensation for any damage or mismatch with the products delivered to the customer.


Responsibilities of the customer in respect of returned goods

NANDO MUZI shall  not  be liable for refunds or compensation for those products returned that are lost, stolen or damaged, shipped to incorrect addresses or for delays in delivery of returned products.


Cancellation of the order

If  the  Customer  wishes  to  change  or  cancel  the  order  submitted, he/she  must  send an e-mail  to within 24 hours of the submission of the order. NANDO MUZI will do its best to meet the customer’s request. However once the product has been shipped, the order cannot be cancelled or altered. In this case, the procedure described in previous paragraphs shall be followed.


Refunds, returns and replacements in NANDO MUZI shops and boutiques

NANDO MUZI does not allow requests to be made on the website for refunds for cancellation of  orders for NANDO MUZI products purchased in NANDO MUZI shops,  other boutiques. Nor shall refunds be given in shops or other NANDO MUZI boutiques for products purchased on the website).


Obligation to print and retain all documentation

The customer agrees and undertakes, once the online purchase procedure is complete, to print and retain these general conditions, which the customer will  already have seen and accepted as a necessary step in the purchase, and the specific features of the product purchased, so as to fully satisfy the conditions contained in Decree Law no. 2036/2005.


Prohibition on the declaration of false affirmation

It is strictly prohibited for the customer, to enter false and/or invented and/or fantasy data during the registration  process  required  to  activate    the  procedure  for  the  execution  of  this  contract  and  all subsequent communications; personal details and e-mail address must be authentic personal data and not the data of a third party, or fantasy data . It is expressly forbidden to make double registrations for a single person or enter data of third parties. NANDO MUZI reserves the right to prosecute any breach or abuse, and protect the interests of all consumers.